April 22, 2022


“I was fortunate that MYC was a space that I could be creative and passionate about music from a young age and my teachers would push me to not only improve but have fun.” – Aidan Johnson-Bujold


MYC teachers are a varied and talented group of people. We had the pleasure of speaking with Aidan Johnson-Bujold, who not only teaches MYC but is also a recording artist, producer and touring musician!


Jordyn Severin is a successful musician and business woman, who owns Marie-Rose Music Studio which both Aidan and Jordyn teach from in Windsor, Ontario.


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Aidan Johnson-Bujold



What do you remember about MYC lessons?


I started MYC as a young child and I can still vividly remember the fuzzy carpet that we sat in a circle around our virbratnly happy teacher in a room full of pianos. I can still to this day remember some of the songs that we sang that talked about the duration of notes or where Fireman Fred lived!


How do you think MYC has influenced your musical career?


I think that anyone who is exposed to music at a young age grows up to have a profound love for it. I was fortunate that MYC was a space that I could be creative and passionate about music from a young age and my teachers would push me to not only improve but have fun. When you mix passion and discipline I think there's no stopping anyone!



What would you say to current MYC students who are interested in joining a band or becoming a performing artist?


To anyone who loves music and wants to grow up to be performing artists there is nothing holding you back! Have fun, learn as much as you can, practice and make the most of your passion. There is nothing you can't do.


What has influenced your current teaching style?


I believe that two of my biggest influences in regards to my teaching style came from learning how to record/produce and from performing live! The live performances helped me with my love and understanding of what works needs to go into learning and production helped my technical proficiency and arrangement!



Tell us about one of your current projects as either an artist or producer?


Currently, I’m preparing for a summer tour with my group Buck Twenty. We have been fortunate to have a few singles on the radio be in the Billboard Top 40 as well as have a few singles pass 1 million streams on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. As for production, I am making music for TV and Film and producing for upcoming artists! I hope to integrate some of this work with MYC in the future!


                  Aidan's Bio


Aidan Johnson-Bujold is a singer/songwriter from LaSalle, Ontario. He is also a member of the Canadian country duo Buck Twenty. Aidan has had 4 songs on Canadian country radio, including a Billboard Top 40. When he isn’t teaching or on the road, Aidan is back and forth from Nashville where he is writing and recording new music.


Aidan completed his Honours Bachelor of Music from the University of Windsor, specializing in jazz guitar. He has been teaching students of all ages and capabilities in the Windsor-Essex area for the past 6 years. He has lots of energy and a passion for teaching!


Buck Twenty - All I Can Do (Official Music Video)






Jordyn Severin


I am passionate about teaching music to young children and providing high-quality music education to my community.


As the owner of Marie-Rose Music Studio, I have dedicated the last ten years of my life to educating myself through Music for Young Children training, business courses and earning a Masters of Community Music from Wilfrid Laurier University. I worked for many years under the pedagogical training and mentorship of Sister Claire Durocher. I have also had extensive experience managing recreational activities and large community events through leadership roles with the Town of Amherstburg and the University of Windsor.


In September 2021, Marie-Rose Music Studio expanded from my basement studio to a new, larger studio in LaSalle. The studio has grown from 120 students in May of 2021 to a whopping 350 students and 15 teachers in a year. Marie-Rose Music Studio offers both group classes and private lessons. All instructors are highly qualified professionals who specialize in teaching music to children. I grew up in LaSalle and it's really exciting to be growing my own small business in my hometown!


Ready to make music part of your life? Contact Marie-Rose Music Studio today at 519-995-5715 or visit marierosemusic.com to register online!