Parents’ Testimonials

I have been very impressed by how comprehensive the music education is through MYC.  I don't know of any other program that includes such a good balance of sight reading, ear training, theory, music history, rhythm, and composition.  I like that the children are learning to understand music, not just how to play piano pieces.  I also commend the child friendly, fun and motivating approach of MYC.  My children love practicing and attending classes.

Parent of Liselotte Jongedijk

I love MYC because the lessons are fun where my boy enjoys.  We  the  parents  get  to  sit  in the  class   to  participate and  most  importantly  get  to  know how my  boy progress.

Parent of Jonathan  and Benjamin Seow 

It has  been three years with MYC and my daughter still enjoys every parts of it!

Parent of Lalita Parvathi Kumar 

My  daughter looks  forward  to  her  lesson  every week.  The lessons are very interactive and fun-filled.  She  enjoys  it  a  lot  and  at  times wondered “why  the  lesson  is  so  short? 

Parent of Rei Wee 

It is the most comprehensive music syllabus that I have known. It is a special program designed for young children. I am very grateful to MYC. Now my girl can play very well. No regret to start her at the age of 3!

Parent of Lim Shan Ying