Teachers’ Testimonials


The Music for Young Children program has to be counted as the dominant force in the musical training of young children in Canada today. Many of the new students arriving each year in my studio are graduates of Music for Young Children. They arrive superbly prepared and well motivated for further study. MYC teachers have found the right balance. They successfully blend the pleasure and joy of music making with the rigour of a well-crafted pedagogical progression. 

Marc Widner, Chief Examiner emeritus, Royal Conservatory Music Examinations

MYC prepares students for Prep A, Prep B and Grade 1 in the Royal American Conservatory Examinations (RACE), the new American national standard for developing musicians. Learn more about RACE at www.royalamericanconservatory.org

Scott McBride-Smith, director of RACE, was a speaker at MYC’s 2005 U.S. Conference in Chicago.


I just received my 10-year teaching certificate and have displayed it in my studio with pride. I am very thankful to be part of an organization that has enabled me to be a better teacher now than I was 10 years ago and I look forward to more improvement and growth in the future. 

Berva Warkentin

I went looking for the BEST and I found it!! 

After teaching private lessons for 23 years, I was becoming increasingly more frustrated with my lessons. I new that I could do better for my students, I just didn`t know what that "BETTER" was! I decided to search online for some games or suggestions that could make my lesson more fun. The MYC website popped up on my computer screen, and the first thing I read was the endorsement form Barbara Coloroso. I didn`t need to read any more!! I was immediately convinced!! I am a huge fan of Barbara Coloroso and her endorsement was all I needed to convice me that I needed to take a very serious look at teaching MYC. 

The result of that decision has been the best move I have ever made! I love my classes. The MYC curriculium is well thought out and flows from concept to concept to connect in a way that really makes sense. I love watching the faces of my students as they play a piece they have learned by themselves or as they grasp a new concept when they play a game in class. I also appreciate the feeling of being a part of something – I am not alone in my career as a piano teacher anymore!! My job satisfaction has soared ... not only did I find the BEST for my students, but I found the BEST for myself too!! 

Joanne Barker

Teaching MYC has been my best career change in my life. It has given me the choice to stay at home with my family. I now begin my tenth year with MYC, every year has been different, but all have been most rewarding and challenging.

Sharon Hopfauf

I became aware of MYC when I was teaching privately in Ottawa. I had several students who had graduated from the program and were continuing on with private lessons. I was amazed with these students. They were enthusiastic, and excited about music lessons. Their musical skills were extraordinary: their sight reading, ear training, and understanding of rhythm and music in general were so strong that they were able to launch into many new musical challenges. I knew that these children had a love of music that would stay with them. 

Jennifer Collins

The very well-rounded curriculum of MYC is amazing. I have always believed that a rounded musical experience is a bonus for children. MYC enhances and stimulates their thinking and enjoyment of music. I wanted to be instrumental in creating a love for music and I believe MYC does exactly that. The world is a better place with these experiences and learning. 

Gladys Reimer