Students’ Testimonials

Mason, MYC grad, aged 10 years  

I love MYC because it is ‘sooo’ fun and interesting!  I like doing theory papers and playing the piano.  I give five stars for this programme!

Tan Shan Lyn, Sunbeams 2, aged 6 

I  learn   a  lot   of  stories  about  MYC  friends.   They  help  me  to  remember  the  notes when   I  play  the piano.  I   enjoy  my  MYC  lesson  because  it  is  fun!

Elkan Tong Kai En, Sunbeams 1, aged 5 

The lesson is very fun,   I   love nice melody because I feel happy playing it.   I have many great   friends! 

Anabelle Seet, Sunbeams 3, aged 6